How to Make a Pool Noodle Candle Holder

Pool noodle art you say? The summer is almost over but you still have a few days left to have some fun in the pool. However, if the kids are on their way out you can reuse and recycle those pool noodles and we’ll show you how.

With a few strategic cuts you can turn those old pool noodles into some ultra chic candle lights for your poolside or backyard soiree. This idea came from create craft love   and melissa and mimosas, they did a fantastic job with this cool craft and we wanted to give it a try too.

Let’s get ready for all of those summer pool parties with these pool noodle candle holders! This easy DIY project is perfect when guests are due to arrive and you need some fun and frugal party decor. The best part is, you can find everything you need at your local dollar store. Here is how to get started!

Supplies needed:

Pool noodle
Tea light (battery operated or real)
Washi tape, thin

Safety Tip: Now before we go any further, let’s have a chat about safety! For our project, we used a real tea light encased in metal. For this gathering it was small with only adults present. The flame was well protected by the metal surrounding it, so it never neared the noodle. Should you be crafting these for a party where kids are present, or, if you are worried about getting the wrong tea light, a battery operated votive may be ideal for you. That way, there are no worries or threat of a fire or burns. Let’s continue!

1. Begin by taking the serrated and cutting the pool noodle into a two inch chunk. Just saw the noodle until the piece is free. Use the the shave the ends so they are even.

2. Take a length of thin washi tape and wrap it around the pool noodle. You can secure it in place with glue if you wish.

3. Insert the tea light into the hole of the pool noodle. If it is not fitting, make small slits to the hole to free up some space. Then, just nestle it in.

Your pool noodle candle holder is now ready to be used. With all of the colorful pool noodles and washi tape options out there, you can imagine that there is no limit to the color themes you can create! So gather those supplies and give this easy pool noodle candle holder craft a try. It will be perfect for your next summer party.

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