9 College Care Package Ideas

Encourage, support, and inspire your college kid by giving him/her a personalized college care package. After all, nothing is as comforting than a simple touch of Mom’s creativity and thoughtfulness! College can be tough for kids. We’re sure, deep inside, those college kids still miss the feel of home and their families. Here are some college care package ideas that will surely show you care and think about them all the time.

1. Tastefully Simple

Every student apartment or dorm room has a microwave, and DIY Projects has a great little surprise for your favorite student with a sweet tooth. A mug cake is a cake that’s baked in a mug, and can be ready in just a few minutes for a yummy treat that has the taste of home. Your kid can share this healthy food care package with roommates and friends.

2. Fleece Scarf

A comfy DIY fleece scarf will keep your beloved college student warm at any campus bonfire, football tailgate, or a cold walk around the square. Plus, it requires zero sewing skills.

3. The First Day College Care Package

Give them the inspiration they need on their first day. Thoughtful words and cool school supplies would do the trick. This would make the perfect going away gift.

4. The Despicably Caring Package

Everybody adores Minions because they’re the best characters from Despicable Me. Who wouldn’t love to receive a college care package inspired by them? Fill this kind of box with some fun food and tricks you can send your college kid to make them really feel like a kid again.

5. DIY College Bookmarks

These magical little bookmarks come together in a flash, and they’ll add spirit to even the toughest reading material. They’re customizable to your recipient’s desires. Utilize the school logo, a piece of the college map, or any cute photos. Or perhaps a little Einstein for that science book will do the trick!

6. Practical Toiletries

Vitamins, dental picks, toothpaste, and first aid supplies are no fun to purchase on a thrifty student budget, but they are necessary–making them a welcome addition to any care package. Your kid will surely be relieved when they get this dorm care package from you.

7. Night At The Movies College Care Package

If movie night is something your family does every weekend, why do your kids have to miss it when they’re away at college? Send them a care package to unwind after a hectic exam week.

8. Holiday College Care Package

There are always going to be times when your college kid won’t be able to come home for the holidays. Send them a special themed care package for every holiday when they can’t make it home.

9. The Get Well Soon Package

Even if your kids think they’re invincible, you know better. Make this get well soon care package and make sure that even if they fall ill, they can still feel Mom’s healing hands even from a hundred miles away.

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